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  • CDRom Watchdog  251)   CDRom Watchdog 1.22
    You can master the usage of the CDROM/DVDROM by using CDRom Watchdog. So that CDROM/DVDROM will be your loyal subordinate. All the disks or CD-ROM unaccepted by you are forbidden to use.

  • FastIEcleanup  252)   FastIEcleanup 1.3
    It’ll make you feel secure about browsing by erasing traces of your browsing activity. It’ll remove data about deleted IExplorer history, deleted temporary Internet files, deleted cookies, deleted cache and incorrectly typed URLs.

  • UpdateStar Security Starter Pack  253)   UpdateStar Security Starter Pack 1.0
    The Security Starter Pack, provides users with 9 essential freeware programs to make your PC secure: Firewall, Antivirus, Spyware remover, Web-surfing adviser, Encryption and more must-have freeware applications. Simply import it using UpdateStar.

  • Folder Security Professional  254)   Folder Security Professional 3.0
    This tool keeps files and folders secret and safe by hiding and locking them. It can lock cdrom and removable drives. It can also repair and prevent malicious changes on the settings of Windows and IE. It supports any number of accounts.

  • Prisma Firewall  255)   Prisma Firewall 1.0-RC
    Prisma is a powerful tool that defends your personal computer against internet-born attacks and blocks Trojans and Worms that use internet connections to activate themselves.

  • Rubbish Eraser  256)   Rubbish Eraser 1.2
    Rubbish Eraser is a computer tracks clean tool, this tool will protect your privacy by cleaning all tracks on your computer(including internet and system activities).

  • Bundle of Password Recovery Tools  257)   Bundle of Password Recovery Tools
    Outlook Express Password Recovery, MDB Unlock for Access - always restore forgotten or lost password to your database in just few steps, Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery. The bundle of 3 password recovery tools.

  • Kernel Access Password Recovery Software  258)   Kernel Access Password Recovery Software 4.02
    Kernel Access Password Recovery tool is a Microsoft Access MDB password recovery software designed to recover lost and forgotten passwords from Microsoft Access Database (.mdb) files.

  • PGuard - Privacy Protection Tool  259)   PGuard - Privacy Protection Tool 1.2.4
    PGuard is an activity traces cleaner and privacy protection tool. PGuard deletes all activity tracks of internet browsers, Microsoft Windows and other software on your PC.

  • Password Generator PPC  260)   Password Generator PPC 1.12
    Random Number Generator PPC is a Windows Mobile based software that produces sequences of random numbers. Program can exclude digits and numbers from generated random sequences.

  • OE Accounts Password Recovery  261)   OE Accounts Password Recovery
    Outlook Express Accounts Password Recovery is utility for backup forgotten or lost passwords to Outlook Express IMAP accounts. The software recovers and visualizes Identity parameters, news and mail accounts of MS Outlook Express.

  • PassGen  262)   PassGen 1.0
    PassGen is a free password generator software that allows you to generate the unique passwords with a single click. The built-in "Check Password Strength" feature allows you to check your passwords strength and get suggestions on how to increase it.

  • JiJi AD Bulk Manager  263)   JiJi AD Bulk Manager
    Managing users, computers and contacts in Active Directory is a time consuming job for administrators. JiJi AD Bulk Manager helps to save administrators time by making AD Management process simple.Users can create/modify/delete users in bulk or batch

  • JiJi Active Directory Cleaner  264)   JiJi Active Directory Cleaner 5.0
    Schedule a policy for inactive users auto deletion or notification via email. You can scan your AD for inactive users, disabled users, inactive computers and disabled computers.

  • PDF Security OwnerGuard  265)   PDF Security OwnerGuard 8.2.0
    PDF Security OwnerGuard is the ultimate Digital Rights Managemet (DRM), Security, Copy Protection, Licensing and Distribution Management solution for Adobe PDF Documents.

  • LAlarm Free Edition  266)   LAlarm Free Edition 1.2
    LAlarm is laptop alarm software, which emits loud alarm sound when a thief tries to steal a laptop. The software also alarms in case of a hard disk drive damage or low battery level. It is design to protect laptop and data.

  • Browser Defender  267)   Browser Defender 1.0 Beta
    The Browser Defender toolbar allows you to surf safely by displaying site ratings as you browse the Internet.

  • QuuSoft Privacy Cleaner  268)   QuuSoft Privacy Cleaner 2010.1.2.0
    Locate and erase the privacy leftover completely to prevent others from peeping their personal privacy and permanently shred unwanted files on your system.

  • TriplePassMan  269)   TriplePassMan 1.0.0
    TriplePassMan is a special utility designed to manage and keep track all kind of passwords, including web site access codes, software serial numbers and other secret numbers you may have.

  • Password Generator for Windows  270)   Password Generator for Windows 4.1
    You do not have to think how to create secure passwords for your accounts. Password Generator can create passwords for you. You click the Generate button and the program automatically displays your password. Download Password Generator now.

  • Internet Explorer Passwords Rescue Tool  271)   Internet Explorer Passwords Rescue Tool
    Internet Explorer password recovery software restores all forgotten or misplaced secret codes of multiple email accounts like Yahoo, MSN, Gmail etc saved on internet explorer. Password retrieval tool provides multilingual password recovery support.

  • Disk Wipe  272)   Disk Wipe 1.5
    Disk Wipe is Free Windows application for permanent volume data destruction. Disk Wipe works with USB sticks, SD cards and other portable devices. It uses advanced shredding methods (Dod 5220-22.M, British HMG ,Russian GOST ) to securely erase data.

  • MyREDButton Home  273)   MyREDButton Home 2.03
    MyREDButton is a program protecting your information from leakage and accidental access by timely removal or encryption of the private data and performing the OS and user's trace elimination in the case of emergency.

  • Protect Folders in Windows  274)   Protect Folders in Windows 1.0
    Protect Folders is designed to help you lock your folders with a password in Internet Explorer or through a built-in intuitive interface. Protect Folders supports Windows Vista, XP, NT, 98, ME. Download Protect Folders.

  • PortableSafe  275)   PortableSafe 1.2
    PortableSafe keeps all your passwords and other private information locked in a secure encrypted file. It is portable and requires no installation. You have complete flexibility over the data fields stored.

  • PassworG  276)   PassworG 1.0
    PassworG is a free password generator software that allows you to generate the unique passwords with a single click. The built-in "Check Password Strength" feature allows you to check your passwords strength and get suggestions on how to increase it.

  • My Little Secret  277)   My Little Secret 2
    My Little Secret is a password diary for Windows. Keep tract of your secrets with this software knowing that your information is safe.

  • SpotPaltalk Password Recovery  278)   SpotPaltalk Password Recovery 1.0.9
    SpotPaltalk recovers Paltalk instant messenger passwords, as well as passwords for AOL, Google, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ saved in Paltalk messenger. The passwords are automatically recovered, if they are saved on the local system.

  • JP's Password Safe  279)   JP's Password Safe 1
    JP's Password Safe is a handy utility that will make it possible for anyone to keep logins safe and ready to be retrieved in case they are to be used. The stored data can be changed with ease and saved on the spot.

  • SnugPass  280)   SnugPass 1.0.334
    SnugPass is your personal password manager application. Be sure, it will keep your passwords strongly encrypted and conveniently organized.

  • Flash OwnerGuard  281)   Flash OwnerGuard 12.7.5
    Flash OwnerGuard is the ultimate Digital Rights Management (DRM), Security, Copy Protection, Licensing and Distribution Management solution for Adobe Flash SWF and FLV Video Files a wide range of other Multimedia Files.

  • SpotChrome Password Recovery  282)   SpotChrome Password Recovery 1.2.3
    SpotChrome Password Recovery is the best tool to recover Google Chrome passwords. Google Chrome Password Recovery is a lightweight and very easy to use application that will help you to decrypt the passwords stored by Google Chrome browser.

  • SpotOutlook Password Recovery  283)   SpotOutlook Password Recovery 1.1.3
    SpotOutlook Password Recovery is the best tool to recover Microsoft Office Outlook passwords. The software recovers password for all versions of Outlook.

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